Interview in I AM HERE Magazine: “Stability is an incredible place to grow”.

cachorro lozano

As Rupert would say, Cachorro Lozano was born show. Since he was a child he was introverted and spent all the time between music, paintings, books and television, so it is inevitable that Cachorro Lozano is who he is today, a young man who at the age of 16 already had clear that he wanted to make art his way of life.

And he has achieved it with hard work. Between sheets, T-shirts and even underwear, his particular work develops “a constant game between immaturity and intensity, between hypersexualization and naif, between the raw and the poetic. Also, as a good faggot, I am one of those who thinks that versatility is the mother of science. So I like to understand my art not only as a work, an object, but as a product, which is transformable and adaptable to any medium, at any time.

Sex is the undisputed protagonist of his works. Everything began as a diary of conquests drawing those men with whom he had relations but with time what was a diary of conquests, now is a diary of memories, desires and sexual treasures because the score is a constant sexual exploration in which to discover everything you like and what you don’t, and that has to be reflected in his work that is “a representation of all that I live”. 

The success of the eroticism of this native of Bilbao lies in large part thanks to social networks and the Internet. Lozano, co-creator of Semen Up, confesses that it is a double-edged sword, since on the one hand the market reach offered by Instagram is amazing although, in his case, he is absolutely not interested in a profile because of the quality of the content that goes up, he is interested in the aura that surrounds a person. He is interested in his vision, his work, his ideology. Moreover, although he has achieved much thanks to Instagram, he struggles day by day against censorship. “The big problem with Instagram is that it is governed by the puritanical American vision. And we’re all fucked up about that shit. For those artists who work our art from sexuality it is very difficult to maintain the balance between not self-censorship and passing the sanctimoniousness of the censorship of Instagram. That this creates our strategies to be able to say the same thing but in better articulated ways, in more sybiline ways, I believe that it is also creating new ways of communicating of which we are not yet fully aware and this we still have a lot to analyze. But for those of us who only know how to speak and communicate in images, Instagram is a paradise”.

You can see some of his most recent works in the exhibition “what a gay day to be alive! From next August 3rd at the Haimney art gallery (Barcelona), in Carrer de Trafalgar 70. You can’t miss it! (Only during the month of August). 



cachorro lozano



Definition of LOVE…

Take care and laugh at oneself, whether accompanied or alone.

Definition of SEX…

The best way to fix problems in the world, whether accompanied or alone.

Do you prefer sex or love?

As I understand love, which is inseparable from sex, love.

Relationship, sporadic or stable?

Stability is an incredible space to grow.

Better, morning or night?

I like a good touch at nap time. And if I can choose, summer.

A song to be intimate with…

Roisin Murphy’s ‘Simulation’.

Sexual practice with which to succeed…


A false sexual myth…

That penetration is indispensable.

A face with which you would like to be one…

This question is too intense even for me, which is to say.

A different place in which to maintain relationships…

A terrace, cottage, any portal with nooks and crannies…

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